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Hebron Baptist Church, Saundersfoot


We try to meet people's different needs at Hebron and offer:

  • A loop system for hearing aid users
  • Large print words for songs/hymns
  • Subtitles in many video presentations
  • Resources and support for those with learning difficulties eg coloured visors
  • Handrails
  • Wheelchair available for those unsteady on their feet (see restrictions below)
  • Dietary requirements at meal events (please request/contact us in advance)
  • Basic baby facilities
  • Space for pushchairs
  • Booster seats on pews / in car for trips

Please note:

There is no on-site parking and local parking restrictions vary throughout the year so please contact us for further info.

Wheelchair users find access limited. Whilst we have trialled on-site ramp systems, the public road immediately outside Hebron is very steep. Manual lifting of wheelchairs is required although it's often difficult/unavailable. We therefore do not have wheelchair-accessible toilets on the premises. The nearest are in the village at the Regency Hall car park entrance.

Flashing images are occasionally used in services and events. However, these can usually be turned off on request.

Please contact us if you have any queries.